A sneak peek from within the valley of Drakaenwood:

GLIS ~ The silver unicorn makes her home within the Drakaenwood realm, hailing from the shining city of Auranaur, high atop Mt. Zion. She often travels with two other companions, Lauryn, the fiery elemental being of the light, and Flit, a faerie creature who enjoys riding within the swirling, conical hollow of Glis’s alicorn, and fills it with brilliant light. The pearly horn reflects a spectrum of color like a prism; the tapering point pierces any surface, can burn out decay, or release stunning bolts that render enemies unconscious. Her hypnotic eyes glitter like faceted topaz, and lull unsuspecting gazers into a stupor. Her enhanced vision allows her to illuminate and expose dark nature. Her satiny coat hums with a gentle vibration that, when stroked or embraced, diminishes pain and increases joy. The shining mane, tail and foot feathers flow with wild curls and crackle with electricity. Mist gathers at her feet. Diamond-hard hooves throw off shooting sparks when striking any surface. The outreach of her wings extends a graceful twelve feet; each white feather is tipped with shimmering silver and sheds healing dust when shaken.

Embar ~ The ebony unicorn is oft ridden by Aarden, the dark elemental of wind. He hails from the shadow city of Ir, deep in the recesses of DrakaenWood. Embar’s spiral-shaped ailicorn is obsidian; torch-like flames burn without end from the open work filigree—the razor sharp tip can rip a man from gut to gullet. His crimson eyes are laced with black, and see clearly even in the darkest of places. His raven coat, patterned with runes, has the texture of burned-out velvet. His glossy mane, tail, and fetlocks are silky straight and sway as though caught in a gentle wind, even when there isn’t any. Shadows gather at his feet; his hooves spark like flint as they strike the ground and flame out upon stone. His leathery black wings are tipped with blood-red points and span more than sixteen feet.

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