This is my blog. When I want to take a break from writing my fantasy series, StarDust, I come here and throw some random thoughts on the page just to see what sticks. Writers need to do that now and then, clear out the cogs, because no matter how much you love the current work-in-progress, there are always other pesky ideas clamoring to get out. But you won’t see my series, StarDust, among the blog stories because until it gets published, it’s under wraps. If you want to know more about the Stardust saga or what DrakaenWood is, then you have to click on the STARDUST link. See it? Right there on the side of the page, below HOME.

This blog is also a place for us, you and I, to chat. Your thoughts are always welcome, maybe you have some cogs you want to clear out, too. In my opinion, listening is just as important as telling, and any writer worth their salt knows that.

Thanks for stopping by, and come back often. There's always some new thing mugging for attention, and your visits quiet the squawkers so I can get some real work done. ;)


Only a new blog hop from Heather Webb has the magical power to lure this reclusive writer out from her cave. Why? Because Heather’s got mad editing skills that she generously shares with others, and she’s a sweetheart. It’s all about the voice this time! 15 authors have posted the first 250 words of their…


JUST DRIVE (Or How to Live With Your Muse) ~ Redirect

I am honored to fill in for Heather L. Reid at Hugs and Chocolate, today–and through May, with once a month guest posts. Heather is currently working hard on upcoming promotions for her new release, Pretty Dark Nothing. Hugs & Chocolate is a favorite among blogs for the wonderful writing team that includes Heather, Tonia Marie Houston, Jamie…


GUTGAA–Meet & Greet

Welcome GUTGAA participants! First, I really would like to thank Deana Barnhart, host of  the Gearing Up To Get An Agent Blogfest/Pitch Contest, and the participating agents. If you would like to join in with the 6 week long festivities be sure to sign up here. The GUTGAA FAQ info is here. Questions for the Meet and…



Photo copyright 2004 by Jackie, Essex, Ontario, Canada–Sphex pensylvanicus It’s mid afternoon on a hazy July day. I sift the earth, extracting slender green things with surgical precision. The garden is my heaven. In it, I play god, choosing what lives or dies. This is where I sift my thoughts, too, and comb the tangles…



“WHAT IF’ FAIRY TALE MADNESS BLOGFEST– PART II, THE ENTRY: CINDERELLA The prince was unexpectedly hideous. Visiting princesses fled the ball, unswayed by his wealth. Cinderella accepted his proposal, turning a blind eye in exchange for a royal life. The challenge exceeded her ambition. “He’s so ugly, I cannot bear to kiss him,” Cinderella bemoaned while…