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I have two queries for your consideration. One for my series, StarDust, and one for the first book, Lumen. Your feedback is much appreciated, so thanks for coming by. I’m really looking forward to returning the favor, and learning more about what you’ve been up to as well. Thank you to Heather Webb for creating yet another fun contest! For those of you not participating in the hop, be sure to check out Heather’s writer blog, Between The Sheets There’s lots of good stuff inside.

Query for Lumen (first novel)   FINAL CONTEST UPDATE  SUBMITTED: 06-29-12

Copper Erikson is a national pariah, subjected to a court-ordered procedure that leaves her barren. Dan Keller is the heir who turned his back on the Noble community, for the love of  her. Desperate for a child of their own, the couple accepts a baby from a mysterious stranger, but the child, Arianne, is no ordinary little girl. That’s a problem in a country like Edo, where the wrong birthright is a capitol offense—and now her hair is glowing.

The mercenary, Rhys Anders, is framed for murder and saddled with a toddler. The rugged tracker wants to foist his unwanted charge, Michael, on anyone else, but that changes when the wolf packs bow obeisance to the boy. Realizing that Michael is the true target of the danger following them, Rhys has a decision to make—give up everything he loves to keep Michael safe, or hand him over to an uncertain fate.

Neither the Kellers, or Rhys Anders, have any idea their world is on the brink of a supernatural war, or that the best hope for survival is in their guiding hands.

The two orphaned children, Michael and Arianne, are Lumens—celestial beings reborn in human form, and all that stands between dark reaper and his conquest of life on Earth. From the moment of their birth, they are hunted for the power they hold inside. Too young for their destiny, fate has placed them with the guardians best suited to protect them. It’s a quick learning curve for the Kellers, and Rhys. Their troubled lives are further upturned as they dodge daemons, outwit lemmings, and defy national rule all for the love of a child, not their own. And it nearly falls apart as each has to face their deepest fears to keep the children alive, because sometimes the daemon within is more deadly than the one without.


Query for StarDust (epic) (Not certain, but since this my over-arching premise, I believe this would be presented in a follow-up to the query– right?)

They are star-born soul mates from another realm. She came to save us. He came for her, pulled by a love that defies space and time.

Since the beginning of time, Lumens have battled Daemons in the celestial realm—the light and the dark wrestling for territory and the future of mankind. In a final bid for victory, the ancient warmonger and Master of Death, Zed, has brought the eternal battle to Earth, and with that, power so great it changes natural order. The rules of engagement are clear: to preserve the balance, each challenger must bind himself to the earthly realm. The winner-take-all fight is high stakes for the contending Lumens, for if Zed triumphs, Earth and all that it holds will become his, and the only thing he wants more than human annihilation is the power gained by devouring a living star.

To walk among us, the immortal couple must live as one of us—enduring a rebirth that subdues their unchecked power, locking all memory, purpose, and ability deep within, leaving them vulnerable. They must rely on their Earthly guardians for survival, a difficult feat for the humans raising them, who have no idea what evil stalks their every move. To defeat the dark conqueror, the Lumens must survive long enough to mine the waking power within, remember who and what they are, and then find each other—all before Zed finds them first—and in the epic battle between salvation and eternal death . . . Death cheats.

If they fail, prepare for hell on Earth.