Pitch-ilicious Blog Hop Contest

Welcome Fellow Blog Hoppers!

I have two pitches for my entry. One for my series, StarDust, and one for the first book, Lumen. I’m having trouble deciding between two blurbs for the series, and your vote much appreciated. I’m so looking forward to reading your pitches and any comments you have for me. Thank you to Heather Webb for creating a fun contest! For more details or just some great reading, check out Heather’s blog, Between The Sheets 🙂

Revised: 04-21-12


The dark reaper, Zed, is in a quandary. The fulfillment of his centuries-long pursuit, destroying life, will leave him out of a job—for the one thing the Master of Death cannot do is create more lives to play with. He can bend mind and flesh, alter perceptions, and even subvert the elements, but he cannot bring anything new into the Universe. What’s a Daemon to do? His eye is on Élan, a star born Lumen. All Lumens protect life, but Élan alone radiates with the Lifespark that Zed desperately wants. Now, in a final bid for domination, Zed brings the eternal battle between Lumens and Demons to Earth, where humans must choose a side and each supernatural challenger must bind themselves to the planet in some form. It’s a winner-take-all fight—high stakes for the contending Lumens, for if Zed triumphs, Earth and all that it holds will become his, and the only thing he wants more than human annihilation is the power gained by devouring a living star.


All that stands between dark reaper, Zed, and his conquest of life on Earth are two small children– celestial beings reborn in human form, who are yet too young for their destiny. The little girl that Copper and Dan Keller harbor is no ordinary child, a serious infraction in a country like Edo where the wrong birthright is a capitol offense—and now her hair is glowing. Rhys Anders, a mercenary framed for murder, is saddled with a toddling boy he would love foist on someone else, but after the wolf packs surround and bow their obeisance to the boy, Rhys realizes the child is the true target of the danger following him and may yet need his help.